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Hire Bob to review your website

Do you already have a website that doesn’t live up to your expectations? For instance, don’t you get enough visitors or do they leave your website after a few seconds already? Or do you have a lot of visitors but they don’t buy anything in your webshop? Let Bob the webbuilder take an expert look at your website!

Bob the webbuilder website review

Bob the webbuilder knows about websites and reviews your websites on dozens of subjects. For instance, Bob looks at:

  • SEO
  • Usability
  • Design
  • Call to action elements
  • The way your website looks in different web browsers and on mobile devices
  • How you integrated social media
  • Your texts
  • Your website’s code
  • Your website’s speed
  • The order process (if you have a web shop)
  • Etcetera

When Bob is done with his review, he will send you an extensive report with dozens of usefull tips and specific improvements that you can implement immediately. Of course, you can also hire Bob to build you a brand new website!

Contact Bob and get a free quotation!