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They didn't announce what those goodies are going to be yet, but in the past they gave away tons of free software like premium (Divi) plugins and child themes from others, a years subscription on an SEO tool etcetera. All those extra goodies are available in very limited amounts, and the earlier you buy, the better the goodies are!

Huh, a review about Divi 4.0? That’s not even out yet is it?

Nope, it isn’t. And no, I don’t have any inside information on Divi 4.0. But it is undoubtedly coming soon, and in this review – which is actually a preview – I’m going to tell you what I think will be the most important features in Divi 4.0 🙂

If you’ve been following Elegant Themes blog, you’ve probably seen their sneak peek posts, which they publish almost every week. They also roll out a new feature almost every week, but lately most features are just small workflow improvements. I think the features below won’t be rolled out as a stand alone feature, but as a part of one big update; Divi 4.0.

Divi theme builder

First and foremost, Divi 4.0 will feature the brand new Divi theme builder, which will finally allow Divi users to edit every piece of the page: not just the content but also the header, footer, sidebars, menu etcetera.

You will not only be able to make custom templates for pages for pages and posts, you will also be able to make custom templates for specific pages like the homepage, the 404 error page and blog archive pages, or for posts in a certain category.

Of course, everything can be done using the Divi visual builder.


Dynamic content

The second feature in Divi 4.0 will certainly be Dynamic Content. This makes it possible to insert data from the database anywhere you want. This is necessary to build archive pages, custom single post templates etc.

If you’re building a post archive page, you want to automatically load the featured image, post title with a link to the post, the post excerpt, the publish date, the author etc.

Since the Divi builder supports custom post types as well, Divi users will probably also be able to build custom WooCommerce pages with dynamic content fields for price, product description, reviews etc.



Dynamic Content has been implemented since October 11th! 


Global defaults

Another long awaited feature in Divi 4.0 will be global defaults. This is something that Divi really lacks at the moment. You can customize just about any element, but there’s no place to set global options for a specific element or module.

That makes it really hard to keep a consistent design and it’s something Divi users have been complaining about for years already.

The new Divi global defaults feature will let you set default settings for all modules.
Not in the theme customizer, but in the module itself by flipping it over 🙂 That way, you don’t even have to leave the module or page.

Of course, you will have to confirm before everything is updated and you can also undo your changes if you don’t like them after all.

So the global design for modules will be done this way, which is fine. But they also need a way to set a global style for things like headings so you can change the font, color or size of all h2 tag for example, no matter in what module they are.

Also, Elegant Themes has to make sure users can choose whether or not to keep changes made in individual modules, as well as templates stored in the library.



More column options

Divi users have been complaining for years about the fact that there are too few column structure options in Divi, so Elegant Themes sneak peeked an update that will introduce some new column structures.

This should be a relatively easy one to realize for the Divi developers, but the sneak peek was more than 2 months ago and it’s still not rolled out yet. Therefor, it will probably be part of the Divi 4.0 update.

Or maybe it’s taking so long because they want the same flexible column system as Elementor, which lets you just drag the columns to the desired width.


Divi implemented this update on August 30th, but they also sneak peeked a whole new implementation of columns. In the near future, columns in Divi will be added as a module, giving you total control over column styling with animations, borders, shadows, color filters and all other option you have with any other module. 

They also announced that you will be able to drag columns to the size you want soon! 

Divi 4.0 most important features

In my opinion, these will be the most important features in Divi 4.0. These are all features Divi users have been requesting a lot, and Divi really needs those updates so they don’t lose their customers to builders like Elementor or Oxygen.

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