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WordPress page builders compared : Divi vs Elementor vs Brizy vs Thrive vs Gutenberg

Nov 22, 2021 | Divi, Elementor, Review, Wordpress

In the early days of WordPress, all you had was a textarea in the WordPress admin in which you could type text. You could make a word bold or italic, give it a color and you could even add an image, but that was about it. The rest of your sites look and feel was controlled entirely by your theme, and if you could only change anything if you knew how to write PHP, HTML and CSS code.

In 2012 / 2013, the first themes with a build-in page builder came out, like Avada and Divi. These WordPress page builders finally allowed normal users to divide a page in multiple rows and columns, and add an image, text, slider and other modules on their pages. When Elementor got launched in 2016, and later that year Divi 3.0 featuring their Visual Builder, it became possible to adjust your pages and posts on the front-end, so you could see the effect of your modifications immediately the way your visitors see them. 

On December 6th, 2018, all WordPress users got an early Christmas gift with the new Gutenberg editor, a visual page builder which would then become the default way of editing content in WordPress. But not everyone appreciated that gift; the Classic Editor plugin, which switch off Gutenberg and restores the old WordPress editor, has over 5 million active installations already.

In this article, we’re going to compare a few of the most popular WordPress page builders: Elementor, Divi, Thrive Theme Builder, new kid on the block Brizy and the default WordPress editor, Gutenberg. We are only going to look at the features in the page builder itself, so we’re not going to take third party plugins into account.


Included in the free version
Included in the premium (paid) version
Not included
D Divi
E Elementor
B Brizy
T Thrive Architect
G Gutenberg
Basics Divi Elementor Brizy Thrive Gutenberg
Basics D E B T G
Drag & drop editor
Front-end editor (make adjustments live on the front-end of your site)
Layout Divi Elementor Brizy Thrive Gutenberg
Layout D E B T G
Multiple columns
Draggable column width
Padding and margin adjustment
Draggable padding and margin
Max-width, max-height and min-height adjustment
Styling Divi Elementor Brizy Thrive Gutenberg
Styling D E B T G
Basic styling options (colors, alignment, font size)
Advanced styling options (borders, line-height, shadow)
Background image and video
Shape dividers
Filters / blend mode
Hover effects
Transformation effects
Scroll effects
Google Fonts integration
Custom Fonts
Modules Divi Elementor Brizy Thrive Gutenberg
Modules / Widgets D E B T G
Slider module
Contact form module
Newsletter subscribe module (for MailChimp and other providers)
Social media buttons (to link to your profiles)
Social media share buttons
Embed Facebook posts
Facebook comments
Font Awesome integration (icons)
Advanced features Divi Elementor Brizy Thrive Gutenberg
Advanced features D E B T G
Popup builder
Conditional display
Mega menu
A/B testing
API (allows third party developers to build their own modules)
Theme builder Divi Elementor Brizy Thrive Gutenberg
Theme builder D E B T G
Header and footer builder
Sticky header (header stays in view when user scrolls)
Make your own templates for pages, posts, archive pages, 404 page etcetera
Dynamic content (get text, images and other data from the database)
WooCommerce page custom design
Workflow Divi Elementor Brizy Thrive Gutenberg
Workflow D E B T G
Undo and redo your last edit(s)
Duplicate sections, rows and modules / widgets
Copy / paste styles on the current page
Set a default style for a section, row or module globally (for the entire site)
Multiple global styling presets for sections, rows or modules (like CSS classes)
Global colors (adjusting a color in 1 place changes it everywhere it's been used)
Library Divi Elementor Brizy Thrive Gutenberg
Library D E B T G
Library with predesigned layouts
Save your own designs in the library to reuse elsewhere on the site
Global designs (modifications on a global element are adjusted everywhere on the site)
Export saved designs to reuse on another site
Responsive design Divi Elementor Brizy Thrive Gutenberg
Basis D E B T G
See how your design looks on tablet and mobile
Hide elements on desktop, tablet or mobile
Adjust certain styles for mobile and template (padding, margin, font size)
Show different content on mobile and tablet (different texts, images etcetera)
Prices Divi Elementor Brizy Thrive Gutenberg
Prices D E B T G
Free version available
Premium version for 1 website (price per year) $ 89 $ 49 $ 45 $ 228
Premium version for 25 websites (price per year) $ 89 $ 199 $ 89 $ 228
Premium version for an unlimited number of websites (price per year) $ 89 $ 999 $ 179
Lifetime premium licence for an unlimited number of websites $ 249 $ 349
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Divi vs Elementor… or maybe Brizy or Thrive?

When people compare WordPress page builders, they often only search for Elementor vs Divi. However, as you can see in the comparison above, newcomer Brizy is a great alternative as well. Especially if you are looking for a free page builder, Brizy and Elementor are really well matched. Divi does not have a free version, but it is one of the most complete page builders for WordPress.

Thrive Theme Builder is a bit different from the others. Thrive Themes, the company behind Thrive Theme Builder, has a handful of other plugins. One of those is Thrive Optimize, which lets you do some really extensive A/B tests. Thrive Leads is another one, and it offers you a variety of ways to collect e-mail addresses for your newsletter.

In the past, you could purchase all Thrive products separately, but since February 1, 2021, Thrive Themes only offers a membership (called Thrive Suite) that gives you access to all products for $ 228 per year ($ 19 per month). For that price, you may install their products on 25 sites. Pretty pricey if you ask me; for about the same money, you could also buy an unlimited sites licence for Divi or Brizy, with lifetime updates and support.

If you’re building just 1 website, a yearly licence for Elementor Pro or Brizy Pro is a great choice. Divi is a great choice too, but that costs almost twice as much.

When you’re building websites professionally however, I recommend a Divi lifetime licence without a doubt

Brizy is a nice builder too, with a favorable licence for web builders, but the price is a bit higher than Divi while the features aren’t always on the same level. For example, with conditional display, Brizy currently only lets you show or hide an element for certain user roles (they call that “membership”) or on certain pages. Divi on the other hand also has options to show an element only on certain days, or if there are certain products in the cart, or if a certain page has been visited and so on.

The same goes for other features as well; Brizy often does offer certain features, but the settings are quite limited. On the other hand, there are also things that Brizy does very well;
for example, you can add any desired module to a popup, the mega menu or the tabs module.

Elementor or Thrive are great tools as well, but WAY more expensive, especially on a long term.

Gutenberg is not a major threat to the other page builders when it comes to features yet. However, because it is the default page builder in WordPress,  there are more and more plugins like Qubely available that add extra functionality to Gutenberg.

On the other hand, dozens of plugins are available for Divi and Elementor too that extend the functionality. For example, Divi Supreme adds over 40 modules and pop-up functionality to Divi, and there are various plugins for Elementor that add even more modules. There are no third party plugins available for Brizy yet, since they don’t have a developer API yet.

Are you curious about a feature that is not yet listed in the comparison above? Feel free to leave a comment below, and I’ll find it out for you!


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